Be creative with espresso. MindMap is outright easy to use and throughout productive!

Whether you outline an idea, prepare a document or want to represent a large project, with espresso, you create your mind maps next to no time.

Share your mind map as a dynamic Html5 document with your friends, who can view and explore it in any modern browser or further process it with any version of espresso Mind Map.

Experience how easy completely structured text documents emerge from your ideas.

Espresso is easy to use, deliberately avoids cumbersome gadgets. Thanks to the innovative technology in espresso, you'll work more efficient even with huge mind maps.

Stay in control over your ideas and data. Save your data wherever you want - of course also on SkyDrive.

Espresso MindMap is the perfect tool for anyone looking to increase productivity and prefers to work efficiently.

espresso Mind Map

espresso Mind Map Light

With espresso Mind Map Light we provide you the espresso handling for free. Use many of the functions of espresso Mind Map without restrictions and free of charge.

In return we ask you to do a little advertising for espresso Mind Map. All exports and prints show an espresso watermark.

In addition, we reserve for ourselves the right to show advertisements in the light version. However, we collect no personal information from you and you will always have the free choice where to save your data!

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