Space-saving storage for blue-ray and DVD movies

Author:Thomas Fankhauser

The Problem.
In the age of Netflix, Disney and all the streaming offerings available, the physical silver disc has fallen out of fashion.
Often, space for all those sleeves is also in short supply and existing collections are discarded and disappear into the basement or wherever else a bit of space can be found.

It was the same for me. Over the years, a small collection of films has arisen and to accommodate them now space-saving, so that the films do not break and are also quickly accessible when needed, has also kept me thinking.

The storage
The solution I chose was to buy a CD box in which the CDs are numbered and sorted in a kind of hanging file. Such boxes are available in different sizes, suitable for all collections - and if the collection gets too big, you buy a new box. I'm sure there are other viable methods, the important thing is simply that the storage location of each disc has a unique number or code.
I discarded the plastic cases of the films and put the cover sheets in a folder, writing the number of the movie, on the cover. The space savings was noticeable.

The search
The question that then naturally arises is how to find the movies again. Browsing through the cover folder is not practical, especially if you own a lot of movies. A digital management almost imposes itself.
An Excel spreadsheet is a good start. The disadvantage, however, is that the Excel file is usually not available everywhere and the search in it is also not very user-friendly.

**The Brain Nodes App
Cool enough, the free app Brain Nodes (see link below) has a function that allows you to capture, describe and also rate movies in a structured way. The application possibilities go far beyond cataloging.
In the app I can enter movies as I like, leaving it at entering the movie title, or entering metadata like director, runtime, composer and cast right away. I can also add links to IMDb and other resources about the movie and I can add my own star rating.
In order to do justice to the topic of the blog, the field "Storage item no." in the movie entry of the app is especially important. Here I enter the number or code under which the disc is stored in the CD box.
From now on, I have access to my movie collection anytime, anywhere. By synchronizing the app, I have it available also on all my devices.

The Brain Nodes app can do much more than just manage movies. The cool thing is that I can also link the movies registered in the app to my otherwise stored knowledge. For example, in addition to the movie itself, I also have an entry for the director, and this in turn is linked to a lot of other information - the possibilities are almost endless.

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